Chris Coffel

Chris Coffel is a contributor at Film School Rejects. He’s a connoisseur of Christmas horror, a Nic Cage fanatic, and bad at Rocket League. He can be found on Twitter here: @Chris_Coffel. (He/Him)

10 Goopiest Horror Melts

By Chris Coffel 

Goop, there it is.

Desert Set

10 Best Desert Set Horror Films

By Chris Coffel 

They say it’s a dry heat.


10 Best Horror Movies of 1988

By Chris Coffel 

These ten films are all celebrating thirty years of terror!

Days Band Puppet

10 Best Charles Band Horror Movies

By Chris Coffel 

A journey into the mind of Charles Band.

Days Disney

10 Dark Disney Delights

By Chris Coffel 

The House of Mouse goes dark with these frightfully fun flicks.

Horror Documentaries

10 Best Horror Docs Every Horror Fan Should Watch

By Chris Coffel 

These 10 documentaries prove that not all great horror needs to be narrative.

Days Metal

10 Heaviest Head Banging Horror Films

By Chris Coffel 

Hail Satan and prepare to rock your socks off!

Best Year In Movies

The Best Year in Movies was 1987

By Chris Coffel 

With a lineup of buddy cop films, charming baby comedies and a groundbreaking piece of Canuxploitation, it’s easy to see why 1987 is simply the best.

The Tao of Nicolas Cage: The Only March Madness Bracket that Matters

By Chris Coffel 

As the madness of March dwindles down and the month comes to a close, we present to you the only bracket that matters.