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Village Of The Damned

What Critics Said about John Carpenter’s ‘Village of the Damned’

By Chris Coffel 

In 1995, John Carpenter took another stab at a remake. What did the critics have to say?

Corona Zombies

‘Corona Zombies’ and a Brief History of Exploitation

By Chris Coffel 

Is now the time for ‘Corona Zombies?’ We look at the history of exploitation films to find out.

American Psycho

What Critics Said About ‘American Psycho’

By Chris Coffel 

It’s hip to be square, but did critics think it was hip to like ‘American Psycho?’

High Fidelity

What Critics Said About ‘High Fidelity’

By Chris Coffel 

In celebration of ‘High Fidelity’ turning 20, we take a look back at what the critics had to say about the John Cusack hipster comedy.

Friday The 13Th

What Critics Said About The Original ‘Friday the 13th’

By Chris Coffel 

‘Friday the 13th’ is one of the most popular horror films of all time. Surely the critics loved it, right?

Hollow Man

What Critics Said About ‘Hollow Man’

By Chris Coffel 

Were the dazzling state-of-the-art special effects of ‘Hollow Man’ enough to win over the hearts of critics?

American Beauty

What Critics Said About ‘American Beauty’

By Chris Coffel 

A look at the critical evolution of Sam Mendes’ Oscar-winning debut.

Maniac Cop

The Movies Directed by William Lustig, Ranked

By Chris Coffel 

Killers, killers, and more killers, these are the films of William Lustig.

The Thing

What Critics Said About John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ Back In 1982

By Chris Coffel 

Many now consider it to be his masterpiece, but what did critics think of John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ when it was released?