Christina Smith

Film student stepping into the real world, whatever that means.

Bob Fosse, ‘Cabaret,’ and the Performer’s Eye for Filmmaking

By Christina Smith 

Fosse’s 1972 Academy Award-winning feature is a masterclass in precision.

Lucy In The Sky

‘Lucy in the Sky’ Trailer: Natalie Portman Thrives in Heady Sci-Fi

By Christina Smith 

Fans of ‘Annihilation’ can expect to see more exciting genre work from Portman in this upcoming sci-fi drama.


Looking for Relevance in ‘Captain Marvel’ Being Set in the 1990s

By Christina Smith 

The film’s period references yielded some fun and nostalgia but ultimately result in a lot of untapped potential.

Brooklyn He Said She Said

The Amazing Story Behind The Latest Episode of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

By Christina Smith 

In “He Said, She Said,” Stephanie Beatriz makes her directorial debut with a challenging, powerful, and hilarious half hour of TV.

Psych Movie

The New Golden Age of TV is Literally Giving Us Cinema

By Christina Smith 

In 2019, more TV shows are getting movie adaptations. But that’s not the only trend uniting the small and silver screens.


What ‘Sorry to Bother You’ Says About Identity and Modern Capitalism

By Christina Smith 

This video essay from Just Write takes a deep dive into one of the best films of 2018.