Caroline Cao

Contributor for The Script Lab, The Mary Sue, and Birth Movies Death.
Spongebob Rainbow

The Nautical Nonsense and Childlike Heart of SpongeBob SquarePants

By Caroline Cao 

We honor Stephen Hillenburg by appreciating all the wonderful under-the-sea magic he left behind.

Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Jyns Trade

‘Star Wars Forces of Destiny’: Jedi Legacies and Lightsabers Abound

By Caroline Cao 

The animated series of shorts return with more to teach us about the ‘Star Wars’ universe. 

Woman Walks Ahead

‘Woman Walks Ahead’ Review: Among Stars, Michael Greyeyes Shines as Sitting Bull

By Caroline Cao 

Jessica Chastain and Sam Rockwell may get top billing in Catherine Weldon’s romantic deconstruction of the western, but Michael Greyeyes steals the show.

Bel Powley Elle Fanning Douglas Booth And Tom Sturridge Mary Shelley X

‘Mary Shelley’ Review: A Lovely But Half-Rendered Sketch

By Caroline Cao 

‘Mary Shelley’ fashions a lovely sketch of a bildungsroman with blushes of color, but it is short of the fully rendered and vibrant portrait its namesake deserves.

Martin Freeman in Cargo

‘Cargo’ Review: A Zombie Movie That Retains Its Humanity Through Grit and Ingenuity

By Caroline Cao 

The politics of our moment are strongly evident in this grimy zombie epic.

Padme Ahsoka

The Revelations of The New ‘Star Wars: Forces of Destiny’ Animated Miniseries

By Caroline Cao 

Disney’s series of animated short films are fun for kids, but they’re littered with ‘Star Wars’ revelations that will be of interest to grown-ass nerds.

Star Wars Rebels Finale

The Closures and Dangling Threads of the ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Finale

By Caroline Cao 

The Ghost crew gave their final curtain call before a legendary Luke Skywalker became a galactic household name.

Star Wars Rebels: Wolves And A Door

What The Recent ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Episodes Tell Us About Fate

By Caroline Cao 

Star Wars Rebels’ “Wolves and a Door” and “A World Between Worlds” resumes the grieving process from the tragedy of the previous episodes…

Star Wars Rebels Jedi Night Zeb Orrelios Chopper

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Begins Its End With Powerful Episodes That Reverberate Throughout The Galaxy

By Caroline Cao 

What Star Wars Rebels “Jedi Night” and “DUME” hint about the future of Star Wars.