Brad Gullickson

Brad Gullickson is a Weekly Columnist for Film School Rejects and Senior Curator for One Perfect Shot. When not rambling about movies here, he's rambling about comics as the co-host of Comic Book Couples Counseling. Hunt him down on Twitter: @MouthDork. (He/Him)
Old Movie Ending Family

The Ending of M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Old’ Explained

By Brad Gullickson 

Does the why matter? M. Night Shyamalan bends over backward in his latest script to explain the mystery behind his magic.

The Bad Batch Episode 13 Explained Infestation Roland Durand

The Most Notorious Mobsters in ‘Star Wars’ Arrive in ‘The Bad Batch’

By Brad Gullickson 

How is Clone Force 99 ever supposed to join the Rebellion if they keep falling in with such a wretched hive of scum and villainy?

The Last Duel Trailer Shot By Shot

Shot by Shot with ‘The Last Duel’ Trailer

By Brad Gullickson 

Will Ridley Scott’s latest be more ‘Gladiator’ or ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’?

The Bad Batch Episode 12 Rescue On Ryloth

Inhibitor Chips Were Never a Viable Excuse for Imperial Loyalty

By Brad Gullickson 

The hunky new ‘Star Wars’ addition takes his first steps into rebellion, and we can no longer ignore Crosshair’s villainy.

Loki Costume and Production Design Interview

What Makes a Loki?

By Brad Gullickson 

We chat with Costume Designer Christine Wada and Production Designer Kasra Farahani about the fashion and design that fabricate the many Lokis.

Loki Ending and Episode 6 Explained

The Ending of ‘Loki’ Explained: Marvel’s New Villain Tells All

By Brad Gullickson 

And you thought Thanos was scary? The MCU’s new villain makes the Mad Titan appear infantile.

Shot By Shot What If Trailer Drax Tchalla

Shot by Shot with Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Trailer

By Brad Gullickson 

We plunge into Marvel’s What If trailer and examine how its alternate realities might interact with the larger MCU. Don’t ignore this cartoon.

The Bad Batch Episode 11 Explained Devils Deal Orn Free Taa Chopper Hera

Two Iconic Guest Stars Bring Joy and Sorrow into ‘The Bad Batch’

By Brad Gullickson 

Episode 11 continues to bridge the gap between ‘The Clone Wars’ and ‘Rebels.’ With that connection comes a mixed bag of emotion.

Black Widow Ending Explained

The Ending of ‘Black Widow’ Explained

By Brad Gullickson 

The first feature in Marvel’s Phase Four provides some connective tissue for the MCU’s Disney+ shows.