Aliya Jones

Studies film and its relation to society at NYU Gallatin. Still hurt that 'The Florida Project' got snubbed.
The Incredibles

Great Risk, Great Reward: How ‘The Incredibles’ Achieved the Impossible

By Aliya Jones 

‘The Incredibles’ has won Oscars, spawned merchandise, gotten a sequel, and made die-hard fans. But it was never a sure thing.

Black Mirror White Bear

Revisiting “White Bear,” The Most Unsettling Episode of ‘Black Mirror’

By Aliya Jones 

In the slate of all the horrifying and thought-provoking episodes of ‘Black Mirror,’ “White Bear” deserves your consideration.

All That Jazz

All That Dance in ‘All That Jazz’

By Aliya Jones 

The star of this musical wasn’t the music at all— it was the dance.

Battle Of Hogwarts

Adapting the Battle of Hogwarts

By Aliya Jones 

Sure, there are plenty of things from the Harry Potter books that didn’t make it into the films, but the Battle of Hogwarts is adaptation at its best.

Agents Of Shield Daisy

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Has One of the MCU’s Best Female Superheroes

By Aliya Jones 

She’s not always the perfect superhero, but there’s no denying that Daisy Johnson has grown to become one of the MCU’s best female heroes.

Screen Shot At Am

‘Carrie’ and the Potential for Horror in Realism

By Aliya Jones 

‘Carrie’ doesn’t need much to be terrifying. All it needs is reality.

Little Miss Sunshine Pagaent

How ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ Uses a Pageant to Bring Its Characters Together

By Aliya Jones 

The VW bus may be iconic, but it’s the pageant setting that’s the star of the show.

'us' Thumbnail

Jordan Peele Makes Movies That Go Back to His Roots

By Aliya Jones 

He’s not the “new” anyone. He’s without a doubt, completely, 100% Jordan Peele and the mix of influences on ‘Us’ proves it.

Captain Marvel Alita

‘Captain Marvel,’ ‘Alita: Battle Angel,’ and Missing Memory as a Plot Device

By Aliya Jones 

Both Carol and Alita have to learn who they were in order to know who they are — and to become fully developed characters.