Arrival Trailer: Amy Adams Speaks to Aliens

By  · Published on August 17th, 2016

Amy Adams Speaks to Aliens

The first full trailer for Arrival is all about language.

Language is a vital tool for any living organism. It is the root of our communication and is essential when we encounter new cultures. But how would we approach communication and language if we met aliens in space or they landed on our planet? How would we even begin to figure out where they came from or what they want? Science fiction films and television shows have often dealt with communication by introducing advanced technologies or universal translators that ultimately render language barriers insignificant. Denis Villeneuve’s new drama Arrival, however, uses that barrier as its core.

This upcoming sci-fi thriller is based on Ted Chiang’s gripping short story, “Story of Your Life.” The film tells the story of what happens after a fleet of alien spaceships mysteriously land all around the world. The government recruits a linguist, Louise Banks (Amy Adams), to hopefully figure out their language and their reason for being here. A team, including a mathematician (Jeremy Renner) and military official (Forest Whitaker), venture inside one of the ships to communicate with the creatures.

When the teaser for this film dropped last week, our Colton Ledford noted how Arrival could be different from previous alien movies where the aliens just want to kill us all. Keen viewers of the full length trailer will pick up the hints that seem to deliver on that initial idea. It seems that humanity is on the brink of global war and each country has their own method of handling the appearance of the aliens. Adams can be heard saying that perhaps these aliens landing is “a way to force us to work together for once,” so, perhaps, these aliens are here to save us from our own global war. Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve truly has a gift for putting the narrative’s psychological effects on the protagonist in the forefront of his films (see: Sicario, Enemy, or Prisoners). Language will most certainly be the savior of this film, not weapons, explosions, or warfare.

This film will serve as an introduction for mainstream audiences to Villeneuve, who is helming the upcoming Blade Runner sequel. His first three English language films have been hits with critics, but have received so-so numbers at the box office. And, Paramount will likely give five time Oscar nominee Amy Adams a heavy awards campaign. Will the sixth time be the charm for her? She has had a remarkable career thus far with exceptional performances in Doubt and The Master. I would personally love to see her win. The studio sees it a as a huge player for this year’s awards circuit with it securing spots at two prestigious fall festivals and a prime awards season release. Audiences should get used to hearing Adams, the film, and Villeneuve all being included in Oscar talk this year.

Arrival will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival before heading over to the Toronto International Film Festival and will arrive in U.S. theaters on November 11th.

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