Archaia Turning Unproduced Jim Henson Screenplay Into Graphic Novel

By  · Published on August 29th, 2011

Some screenplays never get turned into movies. In fact, a ton of them don’t, and the ratio doesn’t shift when talking about working screenwriters (or even legends of the game). Most have drawers of work that never made the jump from page to screen, so it’s always intriguing when someone takes an interest in something covered in dust.

Of course, the dust is shinier when it’s collecting on something from the brilliant mind of Jim Henson.

According to LA Weekly, Archaia (which just scored Eisner Awards for two of its titles) has converted Henson’s A Tale of Sand script (which he wrote with writing partner Jerry Juhl) into a comic book complete with a font born from Henson’s own handwriting. “It’s the last and only screenplay that Henson never got to produce in his lifetime,” said Archaia Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Christy, “so we’re bringing it to life as a graphic novel.” Christy also went on the LA CBS affiliate to discuss the project in-depth share some images from the novel.

In a film culture where screenwriters are being asked to turn their work into graphic novels before getting green lights, this development might actually renew interest in the story itself as what it was originally intended to be. At least, it would be wonderful if it did. It seems ridiculous, but even if it means a production house gets to slap “Based on the Graphic Novel” on the poster, it would be thrilling to see new Henson work in theaters.

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