Apparently Men Won’t Like ‘29’

By  · Published on August 4th, 2010

The fan-made Expendables trailer was right, male readers. The onslaught of female-targeted films is worse than we thought, and it extends far beyond Eating, Praying, and/or Loving.

Fox has begun developing an adaptation of Adena Halpern’s novel, “29,” which sees an elderly woman given the chance to be 29 again for one whole day. It’s bizarro-world Big.

Luckily, Fox also wants to make it “an event movie for women.”

Will men even be allowed into the theater?

The central plot device of the novel is nothing new, but the book has received a fair bit of peer-praise, and her novel “The Ten Best Days of My Life” was also optioned last year with Amy Adams producing and starring. A quick glance through the opening pages shows that the tone for “29” is light, airy, and direct about the trials of growing older.

It’s too bad it couldn’t be an event movie for everyone.

Fortunately, all men have been let off the hook for seeing it, and apparently if you’re a woman, you have to like it because you’re one-dimensional, and Fox knows exactly what you want in a movie.

I realize it’s a small, off-the-cuff quote but it breaks the cardinal rule of audience tracking. Fox, if you’re going to attempt to get female butts in seats, you don’t come right out and disenfranchise one gender and mildly insult the other! You play the trailer on Lifetime and after tampon commercials on the major networks.


Sarcasm aside, the opening of the book shows a lot of humor and promise, and I imagine that with the right personnel attached, this could become something as brilliant as Fried Green Tomatoes meets Big. That, my friends, is an event I would go see even without having female genitalia.

What do you think?

Source: THR

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