Another Director Hired to Not Remake ‘Akira’

By  · Published on July 15th, 2011

Another Director Hired to Not Remake ‘Akira’

Jaume Collet-Serra is a filmmaker that specializes in the ridiculousness. With both Orphan and Unknown, he managed to spin conventional sounding stories into big pieces of oddball-ness, although he was less successful with his “I don’t know who I am!” thriller. Somehow, his slightly deranged Orphan and slightly less deranged Unknown made bank for Warner Brothers.

So it’s not much of a surprise that the studio has brought on the up and comer to helm the Akira remake, which I think we have a good chance of seeing in, let’s say, 2025.

However, Warner bros. has apparently slashed the budget down to 90 million, so perhaps we’ll be seeing this a little sooner around 2018 instead. If the Orphan filmmaker actually gets this project out of development hell, at least we’ll be getting a director that’ll commit to the more ambitious and crazier aspects of the original. He’s certainly not a man afraid of coming off silly. But with a budget of only 90 million, would he even be capable of doing a ambitiously crazed-driven remake?

If anything, I’m still the most curious about what director Warners will hire next to not make Akira

Source: Variety

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