AMC Moves Forward on ‘Better Call Saul’ Spin-Off We All Thought Was a Practical Joke

By  · Published on September 12th, 2013

It’s finally here. The news all us Breaking Bad fans have been dreading (anticipating? confused by?) for months: The Saul Goodman spin-off is happening. The news comes by way of Deadline, who’ve providing the first real details on the series. As of now it’s titled Better Call Saul, it’ll air on AMC (worth mentioning as Netflix was interested in grabbing up the series for themselves), it’ll have hour-long episodes and will serve as a prequel to the events of Breaking Bad. The series is also being described as “far less dark than the original series,” to the surprise of absolutely no one.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is the one who’s been championing this spin-off since the start, but here’s the big question- will he actually be working on the show? If so, color me impressed and excited for every new episode of Better Call Saul. If not, I’m already wincing in advance. Saul Goodman is a terrific character, but it may be the case that he’s one of those characters who’s so terrific because you only see him briefly in each episode. A little Saul may go a long way.

But as a worst-case scenario, Better Call Saul will be an opportunity to see Bob Odenkirk in an hour-long comedy series each week. It may not live up to the legacy of Breaking Bad, but if it’s funny it’ll be hard to find fault. And if Gilligan can find a way to retcon Huell into a supporting role, I’ll take back every negative thought I ever had about Better Call Saul.

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