All Your ‘Missile Command’ Are Belong To Fox

By  · Published on January 12th, 2011

This post would have made its way to completion a lot sooner, but playing the game Missile Command seemed more fun and interesting than writing about a Missile Command movie.

Fortunately, you can play Missile Command online for free, but at least skim over the next few words so that you’re in the know about Fox and their plans to take a video game about protecting a base from being hit with exploding things and turning it into a feature film with actual actors and a director and all that.

Atari has been shopping around the project for about a year, and it looks like Fox is eager to get things off the launching pad, because they’ve already got writers in place. Both Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama are newcomers, but they’ve written scripts for Dracula: Year Zero and Flash Gordon, and have perhaps the two coolest names that writers have ever owned. Except Hawk Ostby.

Credit goes to Variety for releasing this news into the wild, but true credit goes to Katey Rich over at Cinema Blend for pointing out the original Atari game is online.

While you’re playing, try to imagine why the world hasn’t delivered us a Pole Position movie or, hell, a Scorched Earth movie yet.

It’s unfair, right?

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