All of the Marketing Material From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ You Need (This Week At Least)

By  · Published on May 24th, 2012

Two TV spots, new pictures, and banners from The Dark Knight Rises? What else could you ask for in about a day’s time? To make that month and a half wait we have left until the film finally opens a little more tolerable, there’s plenty to chew on and savor here. In usual Christopher Nolan cult fan fashion, it’ll be interesting to see how the fandom dissects the meaning of Joseph Gordon-Levitt “kneeling,” what secret Bruce Wayne and Miranda Tate are “talking” about, or what Selina Kyle is really looking at.

These new pictures and posters (courtesy of Empire) don’t give us the answers we need, but some message boards out there will most likely come up with countless theories over the matter.

First up, here’s a slew of gritty pics, all featuring nothing but gumdrop smiles and a much needed reminder of Nolan’s undying love for “happy” characters:

The Dark Knight Rises

The other day, a truly terrible poster was released for The Dark Knight Rises (which put our own Kate Erbland on the first choo-choo to Dreamland) and, almost as an apology, Warner Bros. has given these nifty banner posters to Collider.

And how could we forget the TV spots (via Batman-news)? Bruce Wayne isn’t looking too hot in this footage, but let’s take a wild guess and say he’ll overcome the insurmountable odds and somehow save the day…

The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters on July 20th.

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