Alex Karpovsky Is Confused By Emoticons (Again) in Exclusive Clip from ‘Supporting Characters’

By  · Published on January 24th, 2013

For fans of Girls, Alex Karpovsky’s confusion over text messages, emoticons, and just what the hell they mean when sent in the context of a romantic relationship was a source of great hilarity during the show’s second season premiere, as Karpovsky’s Ray demanded to know what a wrapped gift, a panda, and a gun meant when sent to him by a lady he has bedded. Yet, it turns out that was not quite the first time that The Karp (go with it) was confused by text messaging.

In Daniel Schechter’s Supporting Characters, Karpovsky plays one half of an editing team tasked with cleaning up a terrible film by a moronic director – but that’s the least of their worries, as both guys (Karpovsky’s co-star is played by co-writer Tarik Lowe, who is just smashing in the film) are also struggling with romantic issues. Karpovsky’s Nick is engaged, but drawn to said terrible film’s star, played by Arielle Kebbel, even though she’s just getting out of a stupid relationship, one marked by all sorts of “winky face emoticons.”

I saw the film at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, and enjoyed it quite a bit, writing that “the film is at its best when it’s not trying to expand on things too far, and its finest moments are little ones – a look that crosses over Nick’s face when he meets Jamie’s boyfriend, an offhand comment about lighting by an angry director of photography, a wordless shot that conveys the state of Nick and Amy’s relationship after a particularly brutal party.” Consider this one of those little moments. Learn more (or less?) about winky faces and Karpovsky’s dating history in our exclusive clip, after the break!

Supporting Characters opens on nationwide VOD on January 23 and will be in select theaters on January 25.