Alamo Drafthouse To Do for 1983 What They Already Did for 1982

By  · Published on May 3rd, 2013

Though the Alamo Drafthouse already declared 1982 “the greatest summer of movies ever” with their Summer of 1982 screening series last year (which we giddily participated in ourselves), the team behind the very successful screening series has now conceded that, hey, 1983 was pretty sweet, too. In celebration of another great year at the movies, the Drafthousers are now rolling out their brand new Summer of 1983 screening series, one that features the “crown jewel of that summer,” no less than Star Wars: Episode VI ‐ Return of the Jedi on the big screen.

While all the titles featured as part of the Summer of 1983 will show in all Alamo Drafthouse markets (Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, TX; Denver, CO; Kansas City, MO; and Ashburn and Winchester, VA), Return of the Jedi will only play in Austin at the Drafthouse Slaughter Lane on May 25. To celebrate, the theater promises no less than “an all-day, galactic-sized celebration.”

But what can the rest of us Drafthouse-goers except to see this summer? How about Trading Places, Scarface, The Killing of Satan, Risky Business, The Deadly Spawn, Octopussy, Screwballs, WarGames, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and?Jaws 3-D? Sounds pretty sweet, right? Want tickets? Point your browsers right HERE. And after the break, check out the official trailer for the Summer of 1983 to get even more excited than you already should be for this event.

Which film are you most excited to revisit within the loving bosom of the Drafthouse? [Press Release]

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