Shot by Shot with the ‘Ad Astra’ Trailer

James Gray’s latest aims to provide a realistic portrayal of space travel.
By  · Published on June 6th, 2019

Here, we see our hero being prepped for the mission at hand. Donald Sutherland‘s unnamed character observes proceedings as well. He looks important.

Whatever Roy’s father has been up to has been detrimental to his health and moods. He looks sick and evil here. This scene wouldn’t seem out of place in a movie like Event Horizon, so maybe this mysterious material he messed around with turned him into a wrongdoer?

Roy’s better half tells him that she’s worried about him. Liv Tyler has lost loved ones before in space movies, so her character’s worry is understandable. This ain’t her first rodeo by any means. Of course, I’m confident that Roy’s fate will be different to Bruce Willis’s character in Armageddon.

Cut to Roy undergoing a psychological evaluation. He’s probably going to see some horrifying things up in space, and potentially coming face-to-face with his old man won’t be easy, either.

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