According to Twitter and James Cameron ‘Titanic’ Was Real #MindBlown

By  · Published on April 10th, 2012

According to Twitter and James Cameron ‘Titanic’ Was Real #MindBlown

To spend so many years of your life not knowing about the Titanic until the director of True Lies tells you about it is almost as tragic as the event itself. But there’s no one that doesn’t know about the sinking of the Titanic, right? Right?

In usual Internet and Twitter fashion, the impossible has been proven not-at-all-impossible. Kids and teens across the nation, a.k.a. these 12 concerned Twitterers, are currently in a state of shock and terror because 100-year-old news doesn’t travel fast enough. Not only are these fine citizens worried if people actually died, but more importantly if dear Jack made it or if Billy Zane got his comeuppance. Nikki Finke’s insiders estimate it’ll take ten years for them to figure out both Jack and Billy Zane weren’t even real people. Expect more #mindblown tweets that day.

Check this out for yourself:

If you’re going to learn the sinking of the Titanic was real, then what better way than with Leo’s baby blues in 3D? [The Film Stage]

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