An Academic Analysis of the Slasher and ‘It Follows’

By  · Published on December 5th, 2017

More than a killer soundtrack, It Follows is classic slasher.

One of the best movies of its year, It Follows was a stunning depiction of teen life on top of being an inventive and terrifying horror film. Director David Robert Mitchell created the layers of allegory present in the best genre films, making his a film that lingered with you at night for more reasons than its jump scares.

Video essayist Haylie Kohn dips into Carol J. Clover’s oft-assigned “Her Body, Himself: Gender in the Slasher Film” to explore how the body-shifting monster flick fits into defined horror subgenres. Looking at things like location use and dreadful pursuit, Kohn lines up horror staples with their defined terms in an educational, creepy video.

Her use of music, much like the film in question, makes a viewer uncomfortable with the viewing process. It makes learning…well, not fun, but certainly tinged with something inherent in what you are learning about. And that makes it exciting and digestible, like how Mythbusters makes science more fun with explosions.

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