‘ABCs of Death 2’ Giving Us 26 (Somewhat New) Directors and 26 (Definitely New) Ways to Die

By  · Published on August 14th, 2013

Horror fans and sickos rejoice – the production team behind The ABCs of Death 2, the sequel to the 2012 compilation hit, has announced that they have a a full directorial roster in place to bring audiences 26 more gruesome stories. The original film took a horror director and assigned them a letter of the alphabet, then let them use their disgusting, fantastic brains to do whatever they pleased with that chapter. For example, in last year’s edition, director Michael Sarmiento offered up “D is for Dogfight” for his chapter.

In a departure from the original, The ABCs of Death 2 is adding directors to the roster that aren’t necessarily from the horror world: Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh), Todd Rohal (The Catechism Catalysm), Steven Kostanski (Manborg), Alejandro Brugués (Juan of the Dead), Jim Hosking (a UK commerical director), Hajime Ohata (Henge), and Chris Nash (Skinfections).

They’ll be joining a roster of already confirmed horror filmmakers that include Vincenzo Natali (Splice, Cube) and Goya Award winner Álex de Iglesia (Day of the Beast). Still following me? Now, the roster only has 25 names mentioned because of the series popular – and pretty fantastic – “26th Director Competition,” in which filmmakers from all over the world can compete to be included in the film as the missing chapter.

Last year, the original film asked competitors to compete for the letter “T” spot, and Lee Hardcastle won with the claymation “T is for Toilet.” This year, the letter “M” is up for grabs. If you’re interested in competing, you can enter here by midnight on October 31st.

There is no release date yet for The ABCs of Death 2 at this time.