Aaron Paul in Talks for Ridley Scott’s Increasingly Huge ‘Exodus’

By  · Published on August 27th, 2013

Just as Moses was mentor to Joshua, so was Walter mentor to Jesse. Both Joshua and Jesse served as assistant and apprentice to their older counterparts. Both stood by loyally during their mentors’ greatest battles. And both, at long last, were given blessings of invincibility and made leader of the Israelites.

Ok, fine. Maybe Breaking Bad won’t end with Jesse leading the Jews into the Promised Land, but Ridley Scott’s Exodus just might. Variety is reporting that Aaron Paul is in talks to play Joshua in the Biblical epic, with John Turturro and Sigourney Weaver having just landed the parts of Ramses’ parents. Deadline also has Ben Kingsley up for the part of a Hebrew scholar.

This may be an especially meaty role for Paul, who could use another big break when Breaking Bad ends in a scant few weeks. Joshua was a Hebrew slave who became Moses’ apprentice, and was eventually appointed by Moses to become the new leader of the Israelites. It’s likely he’ll be playing a large part alongside Moses (Christian Bale).

But the casting of Turturro and Weaver is just as fascinating. Despite Ramses (Joel Edgerton) not being Jewish, it’s hard not to imagine Turturro as a despondent Jewish father (likewise, Turturro is also definitively not Jewish, yet often finds himself playing stereotypical Jewish roles). Perhaps they’ll be Exodus’s comic relief, nitpicking every interaction between their son and Moses. As unlikely as that is, it’d certainly make for a unique film.