A Young Filmmaker Documents His Career For a Pitch Reel

By  · Published on January 19th, 2016

In December of last year we featured a Game of Thrones video essay called “Valar Morghulis,” from a young filmmaker named Fernando Andrés. We liked it because well, it was Game of Thrones related and it was a clever idea to pair the introductions and deaths of some of Thrones’ most beloved characters. It showed us that Andrés was a talented kid. Little did we know that there was much more to him.

Earlier today, Fernando sent over the video you see above. It’s his filmmaking reel, but it’s done in a way that explains his story. One of our great fascinations here at FSR is how filmmakers find their way into the industry. It’s at the very core of our name – you don’t have to go the traditional route through film school in order to become a successful filmmaker. Fernando’s journey is the exact kind of thing we’re talking about. Instead of taking the traditional path, he’s putting himself out there on the open market. And he’s using this video to sell himself for freelance work.

Here’s how Fernando describes the video:

“I am an 18-year old filmmaker with a story to tell. I’ll let the video do the talking for me, but essentially I made it into my top three film schools but decided *not* to go so I could work on my films and work freelance. I needed a reel to showcase my work, but instead of going the usual route, I went all in and created a mini-documentary about my life and work to sell myself and my editing skills. It’s a fun, fast-paced and truly Film School Reject-spirited showcase and I know that it is interesting enough for you guys to consider doing a story on.”

One thing I noticed in watching the reel is how much more polished his work appears later in the story. His advantage is that he’s still only 18 and he’s got a good beat on visual storytelling. A lot of his early work is rough around the edges, but it’s far beyond the kind of thing you’d expect from a teenage. Even teenage Steven Spielberg’s 8mm home movies weren’t perfect. What matters is that they show ambition and a willingness to work hard toward continued improvement. On that front, we salute Fernando’s work and wish him all the best. He’s found a clever way to introduce himself to the world and we hope it works out.

For more from Fernando, visit is website Cinematale.com.

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