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A Guy in His Underwear Chases His Stolen Car in This Mad Short Film

By  · Published on June 24th, 2014

Dylan Kai Harris

Why Watch? There are few sounds in this world worse to wake up to than the noise of your beloved automobile being stolen. For Jake (Hank Spangler), it’s a fried out Kombi called Betsy, and he’s probably wishing he didn’t sleep in his tighty whities. Or that he didn’t lock himself out of his house.

This short film from Dylan Kai Harris is front-loaded with potential – looking like the kind of thing Guy Ritchie and Edgar Wright might make if they had teamed up in college. Ignition takes a high concept script and fills it with colorful figures (none more vibrant than the Naked Cowboy look-a-like at the center of the action) and clever editing that offers a shot glass of gasoline.

It’s also a fine example of a movie that’s 90% where it needs to be. A little amateurish acting, some timing issues and an indulgent Tarantino-aping textual trick can all be forgiven because there’s a lot of fun to be had watching a burnout aggressively asking, “dude, where’s my car?”

What Will It Cost? About 12 minutes.

Source: Reddit

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