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A Brief History Of The Remake Of The Crow That Just Can’t Seem To Fly

By  · Published on February 27th, 2015

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It’s deliciously fitting that The Crow is a movie about resurrection, because the planned remake of Alex Proyas’ 1994 cult classic refuses to die, no matter how many times it loses a potential star or a signed director. The Crow has always been an item of fascination and fixation, thanks to the untimely and tragic death of Brandon Lee while filming the picture (the story of how Lee actually died, and how random and strange and terrible it was, is told here), so that it’s due to be remade isn’t entirely surprising. The film is a true cult hit (even though it made a ton of money at the box office), one that has already spawned all sorts of sequels and off-shoots, and Hollywood’s love for remaking things is a fairly natural fit for the project (and, bonus, kids these days could stand an education on goth culture).

Which is why it’s so weird that this movie just can’t seem to fly.

December 2008 – Stephen Norrington signs on to direct the remake of The Crow.

July 2010 – According to The Guardian, Nick Cave is set to script the film, working from both a script from Norrington and James O’Barr’s original comic books.

October 2010 – Mark Wahlberg is rumored to star in the film, which is still set to be directed by Norrington and written by Cave.

October 2010, later – Norrington exits the project, reportedly after balking at rewrite demands from an unknown actor (Wahlberg?) who wanted to star in the film.

April 2011 – Juan Carlos Fresnadillo comes on board as director. The film is reportedly set for a rewrite by an unknown scribe and is still without a star.

April 2011, later – Bradley Cooper is reportedly in talks to star in the film.

June 2011 – Alex Tse is set to pen the script for the new film, though it’s unclear if he is doing a new script or working from Cave’s.

September 2011 – Fresnadillo takes on the Highlander remake, though he remains on board The Crow, too.

October 2011 – Per Deadline, Fresnadillo officially leaves the film to make his Highlander film (of note, Fresnadillo left that film in November of 2012).

January 2012 – Relativity Media and The Weinstein Company iron out their differences and vow to release The Crow together, complete with a new director (F. Javier Gutiérrez) and a new screenwriter (Jesse Wigutow). The film still does not have a star.

February 2013 – James McAvoy is rumored to star in the film.

April 2013 – Tom Hiddleston is rumored to star in the film.

May 2013 – Luke Evans signs on to star in the film. The project’s producers are reportedly so desperate to snag him that they even move back the production dates to accommodate Evans’ schedule.

November 2013 – Per Deadline, Cliff Dorfman is set to write the film.

July 2014 – Per Deadline, Guiterrez signs on to direct The Ring 3 (??), forcing him to leave The Crow.

December 2014 – Per Deadline, Corin Hardy is set to direct the film. Will this ever end?

January 2015 – Per The Wrap, Evans leaves the project.

February 2015 – Deadline reports that Jack Huston might star in the film. Why. Why. Whhhy.

— –

This movie will never be made.

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