5 Perfect Shots From The Bye Bye Man Director Stacy Title

By  · Published on January 10th, 2017

Before her latest thriller heads to theaters, we look back through a history of on-screen horrors.

The Bye Bye Man

With her latest film, the upcoming horror film The Bye Bye Man, set to hit theaters this coming Friday, we invited Oscar-nominated filmmaker and genre veteran Stacy Title to give us some insight into some of the Perfect Shots that have inspired her throughout the years.

Enter Stacy…

Eyes Without a Face (1960), Franju. Dr. Genessier removes the face of Edna, a young woman whom he has kidnapped, with the intention of stealing her face for his disfigured daughter Christiane. This movie gave me a taste and lust for body horror.

Replusion (1965), Polanski. When I first watched, about halfway through the movie, I looked at my husband and asked why am I watching this!?! And just a few minutes later it happened. Carole (Catharine Deneuve) shifts a mirror and a rapist is behind her. The shot made me weep uncontrollably. It needs the buildup but hot damn this is Polanski at his brilliant best.

The Brood (1979), Cronenberg. A true work of genius. The moment, at the end, when Nola (Samantha Eggar) gives birth to a new brood dwarf child while they try to get Candice away from Nola. Samantha Eggar literally bites open the sack! It’s the culmination of the whole movie.

Candyman (1992), Rose. Tony Todd, the inimitable Candyman, is covered in bees and opens his mouth to kiss Helen (Virginia Madsen) and bees spill out. Gorgeous image of a great boogeyman.

Natural Born Killers (1994), Stone. In the first third when Mickey and Mallory are on a bed and their captive abductee cries and shakes, terrified, tied up on the floor of their motel room. One of the most horrific and transgressive images I have ever seen. Haunts me to this day.

Watch a trailer for The Bye Bye Man below:

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