4 of the Year’s Best Oscar Infographics to Delight Your Eyes, Tickle Your Brain

By  · Published on February 28th, 2014

In all the hubbub leading up to the Academy Awards, it’s easy to forget that the annual awards ceremony is meant to be fun – at least for the people sitting at home and gleefully filling out ballots and downing designer popcorn, we suspect it’s an entirely different story for those sitting in the audience, waiting to hear their names called (or, as it more often the case, not called). Since we’re willing to be that the vast majority of our readership will not be hitting Hollywood this Sunday to potentially pick up a little golden man (and, please, correct us if we’re wrong), now seems like as good at time as any to indulge in some pre-Oscars fun.

You know what that means. Infographics. Not just any infographics, however, but some of the very best of the season, the kind that are visually appealing and packed with nifty facts, from tricky depictions of Best Picture winners, swanky takes on award-winning gowns, a new theory about Jennifer Lawrence, and even a clean-lined take on some of Hollywood’s worst diversity missteps. Fun!

The good people over at Beutler Ink (via Mashable) have put together a very adorable, literally iconic (because they are little icons! Get it?) look at every Best Picture winner ever. The infographic is also a bit of brain-buster, because it only shares the year for each winner, not its actual title. How many can you guess? How many can you attempt before your mind explodes? Which of this year’s nominees feature your favorite icon?

In the same vein, but with a bit more ease of discovery and a fashion-forward spin, the team at Media Run Digital (via Jezebel) has put together their own visual spectacle, this one focused on the respective outfits of the various Best Actress winners. Each dress features the name of its wearer, its designer (if applicable), and the year of each win. However, the graphic does not feature the name of the actual films said actresses won for, so yes, go ahead and get to guessing again. Are any stumping you?

Just in case we were all having a bit too much fun observing the best visual offerings the Internet has stirred up this week, the team over at Lee & Low Books have made their own, far headier infographic. Not based on trivia, visual fun, or fashion, this piece is all about diversity in Hollywood as it applies to the Oscars – and you can probably guess that the infographic skillfully illustrates the actual lack of diversity prevalent in the industry. Most of the numbers are stunning – from the reveal that 98& of Academy members in the writing branch are white, or that 99% of Best Director winners are men, or that less than 4% of the acting Oscars have been doled out to black thespians.

And, just to end on an upbeat note, the team over at MTV has put together an incredibly amusing glimpse at what they’ve termed “the Lawrence Effect” – essentially, it’s 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but with J-Law at the center. Turns out, it’s very easy to connect the Best Supporting Actress nominee to every single other 2014 Academy Award nominee. You already thought she was everywhere, but you had no idea.

Take a look at the infographic gallery:

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The Oscars air this Sunday night.

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