3 Things We Just Learned About Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ From Pete Docter

By  · Published on July 25th, 2013

It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached a point where it’s surprising to hear about an original movie from Pixar. Back in 2011 when Inside Out was vaguely first announced, the studio was coming off of Cars 2, and it felt like the sequel obligation behemoth was off their back. Between then and now, follow-ups started to feel like the norm.

Now the path has cleared a bit, and Pete Docter’s current project is something fresh to get excited about. The filmmaker recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter at the Siggraph CG convention and revealed a few ambitious details about the 2015 animated flick that lives inside the brain space of a little girl.

  1. Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Joy are some of the main characters.
  2. The character design will show the emotions as dynamic figures “made up of particles that actually move.”
  3. Both what’s happening to the 11-year-old girl protagonist and what’s happening in her head with the animated emotions will be shown, creating a need for “two stories that need to talk to each other.”

To be fair we already knew that it would take place inside the mind of a young girl whose emotions would take the spotlight, and while there’s a common sense element here, it’s nice to see specific emotions that will be represented. Call it 2.5 Things We Just Learned.

As for the pair of challenges (animation and storytelling), this is what Old Pixar used to excite us with. They weren’t discussing how hard it would be to envision the characters of Monsters, Inc. as college-age kids; they were talking about putting balloons on a house or taking us into space with a robot that doesn’t talk. Real obstacles that provide the potential for true movie magic. Set the bar high enough, and we’ll be wowed when you clear it.

Hopefully Docter and company will do that when Inside Out hits theaters June 2015.

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