2017 Films Through Dance

By  · Published on December 14th, 2017

If ever there was a year to cut a little loose.

2017 was a rough one, on screen and off. Its characters needed to express themselves, to break free from oppression – be it emotional, political, or social. And audiences? We needed whatever escapism we could get our hands on.

Jacob Swinney’s video essay finds the joy in all the year’s movies and puts them into one huge dance compilation.

Yes, there’s a lot of Call Me By Your Name. There’s even more Baby Driver. But there’s also a lot of films you might not expect or may have missed, and all share the same physical joy and musical expression. Girls Trip and The Square have their dance scenes given some much-needed love, but honestly the sequencing is so good I don’t really want to spoil more from it. Watch for yourself:

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