$12,000 is a Small Price to Pay for the ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Experience

By  · Published on April 9th, 2014

Warner Bros.

About ten years ago, Matthew Modine released the journal he kept on the Full Metal Jacket set along with the photographs he took. It’s as amazing as it sounds. A hypnotic first-person account from a burgeoning actor working with a master.

Now he wants to turn it into an audiobook.

Thompson on Hollywood has the details on a Kickstarter campaign to make the audio version a reality. Modine and project co-director Adam Rackoff are looking for $12,000 and using the pre-order model to secure it. Plus, they’ve got some excellent enticements for Stanley Kubrick fans and fans of his sharp-tongued war movie.

This endeavor looks fantastic, and well worth the cost, although I’m curious as to why it’s on Kickstarter instead of at a traditional publishing house. The odd thing is that, with the way they’ve outlined the pledge rewards, it’s the rare Kickstarter campaign that will benefit the fans directly instead of merely using them for upfront funding. It’s essentially a $15 audiobook, which is at least a discount from what you’d eventually find at Barnes and Noble (if that store still exists). More like whatever that audiobook website is that advertises on NPR all the time. The point being that it’s a pretty honest price point.

Granted, like all KS campaigns, it comes with the risk that the creator won’t fulfill the promise of the project. Or that it will take far longer than they’re predicting. However, it’s a low risk/nice reward situation with the endgame being an intimate, immersive experience with Joker himself. Very, very cool. Even if you’re not on board to hear Modine’s dulcet tones, I’d still highly suggest scoring the iPad version of the diary. More filmmakers should be doing stuff like this.

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