100 Days To Star Wars: Every Single Creature In The Force Awakens

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just 100 days away. And here at Film School Rejects, we’re celebrating the closeness of new Star Wars with a bit of a countdown. Each milestone closer- 100 days, then 75, then 50, then 25, then an avalanche of Star Wars everything that’ll last until we’re actually sitting in the theater- we’ll do what Neil Miller’s been calling a “deep dive.” Highlight one small chunk of The Force Awakens and dive in with unflinching attention to detail. Just a little something to get the fan juices flowing.

Day 100’s deep dive? The creatures of The Force Awakens. Every single one. At least the ones we know about.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm


Bobbajo’s a special guy. He’s (with that beard, I’m assuming it’s a dude) the first Force Awakens creature we ever saw, making awkward eye contact with J.J. Abrams in a Force for Change charity video last May. He’s a slight fellow and kind of camel-ish (before being christened “Bobbajo,” his fan-given nickname was “Mark Camel.” Heh). I’m guessing he’s a merchant by trade, selling those space chickens he lugs around on his back, but I’m not quite sold on his business savvy. Bobbajo was a little out of it when he made a walk-on appearance at Comic-Con this summer- he stumbled around and bumped J.J. Abrams’ name tag off the panel’s table. Shameful.

Here’s bumbling Bobbajo in that UNICEF video.

More bumbling, this time at Comic-Con.

It takes five operators to bring Bobbajo to life (must be all the space chickens). Here’s one of ’em, seen in a behind-the-scenes Comic-Con reel.


TMZ managed to hop the right fence in Abu Dhabi last summer and got a snap of this large, lazy-looking pigbeast on the Force Awakens set. They even gleaned a couple key details- like Bobbajo, the pig’s a five-operator undertaking. It’ll also feature in two marketplace sequences. We’ve learned more since then- various Making Star Wars scoops tell us that oversized space pigs are used like tow trucks on Jakku, and Rey’ll use one early in The Force Awakens to tow some very heavy, very plot-integral stuff. Here, have a few set pics.

“New photos show the top-secret set of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ http://t.co/z3Vxt4SVcW pic.twitter.com/FLiaLGTPOf#cantwait

— Kirsten Zara Naudé (@kznaude) June 2, 2014

Giant alien revealed on the Abu Dhabi set of #StarWars Episode VII. http://t.co/EmX2dcmZM8 pic.twitter.com/kT2xVUqOdS – The Daily SuperHero (@DailySuperHero) June 2, 2014

Star Wars 7 – closer look at the pig and spaceships – . http://t.co/khPQh295XO pic.twitter.com/HpJUqvQrGc

— Teaser-Trailer.com (@teasertrailer) June 4, 2014

Star Wars fans named it “Hoggsquattle,” but a savvy shopper (also discovered through Making Star Wars– that place is a goldmine) found a shelf of tow-pigs in a Disney World gift shop. Their name tags read “Happabore.” There you have it.

At “D Street” store in #DisneySprings, I found our old pal #Hoggsquattle. Looks like his name has changed. @rebelforceradio #Podcast66 @podcast66 A photo posted by Daniel Berry (@danielberrydrum) on Sep 5, 2015 at 1:42pm PDT

Toy Happabores seem to be a theme park exclusive, but this site will sneak you one, if you’re desperate and stranded in the American midwest. I also don’t know if that’s legal.

Courtesy of Vanity Fair, Annie Leibovitz

Sarco Plank

Sarco Plank is a bad dude. From the giant information Databank on StarWars.com, we know this much: he’s “a scavenger and trader who scours frontier worlds for riches” who wears “a specialized mask that keeps his native atmosphere circulating through his alien lungs.” Sarco’s also the antagonist in a new Star Wars book, “Star Wars: The Weapon of a Jedi- A Luke Skywalker Adventure.” Somebody on Reddit’s already bought the book and posted the back cover online. Look! Sarco Plank.

Wookiepedia tells us more, that Sarco’s a scavenger who specializes high-value artifacts and gets off on leading his clients to “accidental” deaths along the way. Although presumably after they pay him. In the novel, he tries that stunt on Luke and (spoiler alert) gets a thorough lightsaber thrashing. A reader at Jedi Temple Archives provides Sarco’s action figure in crisp hi-def, and You Bent My Wookie gives us Sarco in coloring book form.

Courtesy of You Bent My Wookie, Jedi Temple Archives

Oh and he’s also in the movie, too. In what capacity, we’ve got no idea… but there he stands up at the top of this section, first from the right in the background of an old Vanity Fair production photo.

Image courtesy of Vanity Fair, Annie Leibovitz

Sarco Plank’s Casual Acquaintance

Check that Vanity Fair photo again (I reposted it up above for your convenience). Sarco Plank’s easy to make out, but there’s another creature standing to his right- similar breathing apparatus/red robe style choice, but his physiology’s clearly different as his breather more resembles an old timey diving helmet. Why do their clothes match? Are they in league with each other? Did they pick out the same outfit by mistake and we’re seeing them right before one heads home to change? I expect an expanded universe novel that puts all my questions to rest.

Courtesy of Disney, Lucasfilm

Maz Kanata

At the D23 expo this year, Lupita Nyong’o boasted to Fandango that her character, Maz Kanata, wouldn’t be seen until the film’s release. Ha ha, ha. No. We’ve already caught a glimpse of Maz in production art posted by Indie Revolver. They also claim that in The Force Awakens’ second trailer, the spindly alien arm handing someone (heavily implied via voiceover to be Leia) a lightsaber is Maz Katana. Whoever’s arm that is, it’s plenty long, plenty thin and has a surprisingly human thumb. Making Star Wars brightened up that same shot and you can actually see a sliver of her face face. For more face than that, we’ll have to rely on concept art.

@ashtonknapp her name’s Maz Kanata. ? pic.twitter.com/qM4VUGAKVr

— paopao (@uncannyinhumans) September 5, 2015

Un nouveau concept art de Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong’o), un alien que l’on découvrira dans #TheForceAwakens ! #StarWars pic.twitter.com/xsqamhLZ6K – Fan Actu (@FanactuCom) August 16, 2015

Voici un nouveau concept art de Maz Kanata, l’alien pirate jouée par Lupita Nyong’o dans #TheForceAwakens ! #StarWars pic.twitter.com/Tg6ZH27wcZ

— Fan Actu (@FanactuCom) July 2, 2015

Vanity Fair also grabbed a panorama containing over a dozen aliens, described as the “galactic travelers, smugglers and other assorted riffraff” chilling in the “main hall” of “pirate Maz Kanata’s castle.” So we know that much. And yes, we will eventually weed through that panorama- but let’s get through a few more critters first.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, Lucasfilm

Teedo and the Luggabeast At some point in The Force Awakens, BB-8’s gonna get himself snared by a Jakku scavenger (Teedo) and his cyborg steed (the Luggabeast). Rey will perform a heroic unsnaring. That’s about all I can gleam from that one pic above, and EW’s official description of the pic doesn’t really go beyond that. The all-knowing Databank can clarify a few details, at least. Luggabeasts are “semi-mechanical creatures with faces forever hidden behind heavy armor plating.” Indie Revolver has three pieces of Teedo & the Luggabeast concept art, which illustrate its progression from a kind of dog-shaped AT-ST to the mecha-cow we see today. You Bent My Wookie’s Force Awakens coloring book has a solid, full-body Teedo image. And here’s his action figure, too.

Courtesy of You Bent My Wookie, Hasbro, Lucasfilm

Above there’s also a blurry glimpse of the pair (the camera was panning the whole time. I’m sorry) from this summer’s Comic-Con reel.

Courtesy of Making Star Wars

Ello Asty Ello Asty seems pretty cantankerous. Just look at him in that concept art- all hunched over and grouchy, making the universal hands-upturned motion for You kidding me?! In my head he speaks with a Yiddish accent. I hope that’s the case in real life. According to Making Star Wars, Asty was originally conceived as a speeder bike thug (that explains the art on the far right), but in his finished form, he’s clearly a pilot for the Resistance.

Meet Bullhead, new pic from #StarWars : TFA http://t.co/K1HvhiiHq7 pic.twitter.com/FewW4Giwz3 – mark robbins (@markrobbins01) July 26, 2015

The official Databank adds that he’s “a skilled if occasionally reckless X-wing starfighter pilot.” I’m holding out hope that recklessness = grumpiness.

The photo above calls Asty “Bullhead,” which is how we referred to this character until Jedi Temple Archives found him on a Wal-Mart shelf last week. Action figures prove it: the name’s “Ello Asty” now. Makes sense, given that Bullhead was an early code name based on his resemblance to a bullhead catfish. Also it’d be rude to call someone “Bullhead” in real life.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Admiral Ackbar?

Admiral Ackbar. “It’s a trap.” Memes. You know the drill. The Force Awakens’ Comic-Con reel provides a close-up of a Mon Calamari face. Could be the often-memed Admiral. Could be any civilian squidman, really. But Star Wars Episode 7 News has another Mon Calamari photo, and they’re claiming it really is the Admiral (he’s ageless, I guess?), who’ll be making an appearance in The Force Awakens. That’s a little unsubtle as far as fan service goes, but bolstering Star Wars Episode 7 News’s case is a very legit-looking photo of confirmed cast member Greg Grunberg, decked out in full X-wing pilot uniform and shot in the exact same style as the Ackbar pic. Also, when you reach “Long-Necked, Wrinkly Thing,” look for a print of Maybe-Ackbar in the background.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Nien Nunb?

Every single thing in the above paragraph that was true for Admiral Ackbar is also (allegedly) true for Nien Nunb. Comic-Con reel. Leaked photo. Fan service. Greg Grunberg.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Courtesy of Lucasfilm


I mean, he’s technically a creature in The Force Awakens, and I threw in returning favorites Ackbar and Nunb, so what the hell. Chewbacca will, in fact, be a part of the next Star Wars movie. You saw the trailer. You know this already. There’s Chewie’s Peter Mayhew-less face piece, looking like a soulless horror in the Comic-Con reel.

Courtesy of Annie Leibovitz

Supreme Leader Snoke

Supreme Leader Snoke is (allegedly) this generation’s Palpatine- the shadowy overlord pulling everyone’s strings like an evil marionette operator. We have no idea what he looks like, but Andy Serkis is performing him in motion capture, so probably not human. My stomach’s currently eating itself in anticipation over kind of creepy space thing he might be. Two rumored descriptions, if you’re curious: Making Star Wars may have seen early concept art and described him as a snake-like humanoid. Star Wars Underworld claims he’ll be closer to a zombified old man. Both sound appropriately intimidating.

I’ve heard the voice (that’s Serkis as Snoke, growling over the very first The Force Awakens teaser). I’ve seen Serkis frowning in mocap. Let’s see some Snoke already.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Walrus-Face and Disinterested Lover

Seen in the Comic-Con reel. Just from their body language, I’d say his opinion of himself is pretty high and hers is considerably lower. Other than that, I got nothin’.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Long-Necked, Wrinkly Thing

Also Comic-Con reel. It’s some kind of animatronic- the face’s features move in the footage, in sync with that guy’s face in the monitor to the right. Neat! (Did you remember to check for Admiral Ackbar?)

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Whatever That Is in the Background

More Comic-Con reel. The sketches on the back wall look more like droids, but check the guy in the back- white, bald, maroon shirt, seated just in front of the exit door. He’s working on a cloak and an alien head, which is kinda Nien Nunb-ish but with a snout extending forward.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Peg-Leg Pig Person

Comic-Con reel. The actor isn’t wearing his headpiece in the clip, but the alien’s roughly human-size, with stubby brown fingers, toes, and a peg leg that extends down into a cone. In the very next shot (seen below), an artist paints some finishing detail onto the head of something distinctly piggish (almost like a friendly, vegetarian Rancor). The piggish head and peg-leg body are actually two parts of the same character- once we dig into that Vanity Fair pirate castle spread (it’ll happen, I swear) the finished creature is clearly visible.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Basically an Attack the Block Alien

Comic-Con reel. On the left is Peg-Leg Pig Person’s head; on the right is another artist poking a mass of scruff and teeth that’s extraordinarily close to the aliens from Attack the Block. I’d like to think it’s a wink towards John Boyega’s career-launching Attack the Block role. Maybe if the two cross paths in The Force Awakens, they’ll share a moment of forced small talk.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Smoking a Hookah Forever

Literally the only thing I can tell you is that it’s in the Comic-Con reel.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Simon Pegg

Comic-Con reel. After months of whispered chatter, Simon Pegg’s cameo in The Force Awakens was finally confirmed, with his head poking out of a pair of craggy alien shoulders (he’s not allowed to say anything else, though). I’m keeping that cracked-desert skin condition fresh in my mind so I’ll be able to spot Pegg in the finished film.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Red… Face?

Comic-Con reel. In the footage, a black chin-piece (it’s got teeth, maybe? It’s hard to see) extends downward as the alien emits an electronic wa-ka-ka-ka-ka noise. Extremely cool.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Warwick Davis and Heavily Armored Fuzzball

Comic-Con reel. This one’s a twofer- on the right, we see what appears to be a shaggy yellow beanbag chair stuffed into body armor. On the left is Warwick Davis, who’s also confirmed to play some small part in The Force Awakens. In the clip, the fuzzball-in-armor is moving, meaning it’s probably played by another actor and not Davis. Maybe he’s the leader of their fuzzy clan? He might not even be an alien.

Courtesy of Annie Leibovitz

Maz Kanata’s Castle Riffraff

Told you we’d get to it. And now that we’ve run through every creature in the Comic-Con footage, some of these are familiar faces. Let’s go from left to right: there’s Walrus-Face, Disinterested Lover, Basically an Attack the Block Alien, Peg-Leg Pig Person and Red… Face?. That leaves seven nonhuman castle dwellers we’ve yet to see in any other format. Personally, I like the long-faced one on the left and the guy just behind Disinterested Lover’s left shoulder with the tube sticking out of his head.

Courtesy of Star Wars Episode 7 News

Big Grumpy Thing (and Friends)

No idea. But Star Wars Episode 7 News has two snaps from the 2015 Lucasfilm Comic-Con panel, highlighting something tall, lumbering and with resting grumpy face. In the first pic, his head’s situated between what I’m calling “Slack-Jawed Slug” and “Kind of a Vulture, I Guess.”

Courtesy of Ebay

Constable Zuvio

Unlike all the other creatures above, we’ve yet to actually see proof that Constable Zuvio actually appears in The Force Awakens. No snippets of his distinctive hat on the Comic-Con reel or skulking in the background of an early publicity still. But someone’s gone to the trouble of sculpting the good Constable in action figure form (above, found via Slashfilm) and coloring book form (below). Hasbro wouldn’t go to all that trouble for a character who doesn’t at least have a couple lines of dialogue.

Courtesy of You Bent My Wookie

Courtesy of You Bent My Wookie

From the Databank, we know this much: Constable Zuvio’s “a vigilant law officer on a mostly lawless world,” “tough and humorless” and “keeps order in a frontier trading post.” If I had to guess, he’s the single, extremely overworked law enforcement presence on Jakku, keeping tabs on all the gangs and junkers.

Goss Toowers

Yes, we’ve officially reached the point where we’re going on blurry action figure photos and not actual stills. Bear with me. This one’s “Goss Toowers”- that wins a thousand Star Wars points on name alone (whoever pitched that name probably got a slow clap), but must be docked several points because the only image is a tiny segment of an action figure playset, in abysmal quality. Click here, then look on the bottom right (found via Making Star Wars). Goss is humanoid and doesn’t seem particularly tall. His skin’s a pale pink. He wears overalls. His Databank entry reveals Goss is “part of the tireless technical crew that provides mechanical support to the Resistance’s fleet of starfighters.” There you go. Goss Toowers.

Courtesy of Hasbro, LEGO

Unkar’s Thugs

Unkar Plutt will be some kind of junk dealer on Jakku (lot of that going on on Jakku, it seems). He will have thugs. Those thugs have a heavy toy presence- both as an action figure (sold in a two-pack with a Luggabeast-less Teedo) and as a minifig in the “Rey’s Speeder” LEGO set. Take us home, Star Wars Databank: “The strong-armed bullies who work for junk dealer Unkar Plutt help keep his scavenging business running on the remote, lawless world of Jakku.” I found a film site in Spanish that seems to think Unkar himself is that burly walrus-faced fellow, but after plugging everything into Google translate, they don’t seem to have any conceivable proof. Do with that information what you will.

Abrams stuffed “hundreds” of practical creatures into Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Practical or otherwise, we just went through 36 of ’em. Hopefully that will keep you satiated on Star Wars until the 75 day mark.

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