‘+1’ Trailer Is the Scariest Episode of ‘Skins’ Ever

By  · Published on August 23rd, 2013

Like most douchebags you meet in college, David (Rhys Wakefield) has come out tonight to do two things: party hard and piss off his girlfriend who did nothing to deserve it. Of course, when she catches him doing the latter, he immediately regrets it and wants a redo.

I mean that literally. Dennis Iliadis+1 is not a the tale of a reformed bad boy learning how his actions hurt others around him, oh no. It’s about a supernatural occurrence rocking the house during a power outage and somehow depositing dopplegangers of David and his friends at the party. Check out the trailer for yourself:

While David somehow sees this as a way to get back in his girlfriend’s pants that I don’t quite understand, his best friend (Logan Miller) seems more level-headed about the whole ordeal, exhibiting the right amount of panic at the prospect of seeing his double. Something sinister’s, bound to happen, right? Though it seems like an original concept, it really looks like it has the potential to get away from itself; I already spotted a girl making out with her doppleganger.

You can check out Rob Hunter’s review from SXSW here if you want the full scoop on the plot.

+1 is in theaters September 20th.